Method returns list of products in CSV (tab delimited) format.

Input parameter is an array of tns:normalizedStrings, which contains groups identification tokens.

Output is an xsd:string, containing list of products.

CSV headers

product_id part number name vendor id group id keyword id warranty id description image short description long description

Fault codes

Method returns SOAP fault (according to SOAP Version 1.2, section 2.3 Fault Scenarios) on failure or when no data found for client request. Database error may be returned with specific error prefix, when database is not ready or something unwanted happens.

Code Actor String Detail
1CLIENTToo many tries.count
2CLIENTCatalog not id
101SERVICEGroup not found..file name


SOAP client must be capable of basic HTTP authentication to use this method.

Some clients may be authorized to use only some part(s) of this method, so it is the client's responsibility to use only such request. Otherwise the request will not be authorized and HTTP 401 will be returned.

Example request

POST /index.php HTTP/1.0
User-Agent:ClTest/1.0.0 (0.99)
Content-Type:text/xml; charset=UTF-8

Example response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date:Thu, 26 Aug 2004 13:10:05 GMT
X-SOAP-Server:NuSOAP/0.6.8 (1.76)
Content-Type:text/xml; charset=UTF-8

Known bugs

SOAP fault is returned in ISO-8859-1 encoding, except of server header UTF-8 charset declaration.